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Knowledge is the best wealth which can neither be divided nor be stolen, but prospers post being imparted

Koushik Chakraborty has also devoted his career into passing his knowledge in music to the young generation who aspires into becoming musicians having thorough theoretical and practical knowledge about music. His main forte being vocals, hence students from different parts of the state seek vocal training from him. The training not only remains confined theoretically but also spreads through different field trips held on a regular basis. Vocal workshops are also a unique learning experience for each and every vocal student who undergoes training under his strict and methodical guidance.

A wide array of subjects from Indian Classical to Western Power Vocals training makes his vocal training programme diverse and unique. Apart from vocals, Koushik has been dedicatedly spreading his knowledge in teaching bass, guitars and keyboards (mainly piano). Also, significantly he conducts special classes and sessions on song writing and the art of transforming a poem into a song. All in all being a thorough musician himself and a Guru, he dreams of making true musicians out of his Shishya or students thus maintaining the 'Guru-Shisshya parampara'.


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