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Nagar Sankirtan

An indigenous platform to take you to a different world of folk music

The journey of Koushik O Nagar Sankirtan commenced with the musical leadership and guidance of Koushik Chakraborty, the founder himself. He is specialized in baul-fakiri and folk music of Bengal which was already embedded in his roots since childhood. So, the obvious musical goal was to revive the ancient baul-fakiri and folk music of Bengal and present it to the global audience.

Koushik O Nagar Sankirtan is the indigenous medium through which the concept of baul and fakiri music reaches the global mass in a simple yet charismatic manner. Koushik O Nagar Sankirtan aims to bring baul-fakiri music to the spotlight by re-arranging them, imparting importance to its spiritual core and musical aspects. It wishes to make the urban crowd aware about the richness of folk music in Bengal. It takes you through the journey of Bengali folklore which today’s Gen Y crowd must know about.

Regional folk music along with baul-fakiri gaan from Nadia, Birbhum, Murshidabad,Malda and a vast stretch of Bangladesh is the musical specialization of Koushik O Nagar Sankirtan. We perform songs of Lalon Fakir, Shah Abdul Karim, Hashon Raja, Bhaba Pagla,Asmat Fakir, Purna Das Baul, Gour Khyapa & regional folk genres like Bhatiali, Bhawaiya,Shari, Murshidi, Goalpariya, Tushu, Bhadu, Jhumur.

Bangla Qaawali is also a popular genre which we are acclaimed for. Koushik O Nagar Sankirtan also imparts diversity and uniqueness in the instruments that it uses.Bangla Dhol, Khomok, Dotaara, Ektara, Dubki, Srikhol, Thavil, Ghungur forms the arsenalof instruments in the live concerts infused with western instruments like Guitars,Bass and Drums. Uniqueness attains a greater dimension with the inclusion of MONTAAR – a newly invented string instrument which has been conceptually designed and customized by Koushik Chakraborty himself.

Loke Bole Bole Re

Sabere Sabrani (Qawwali)

Paare Ke Jaabi


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